Call for contributed calls

The satellite accepts contributed talks in the form of a 10-minute presentation with slides. Participants are invited to submit via EasyChair an abstract of maximum 1 page in PDF format, specifying title, author(s), affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es). Contributions are evaluated on a rolling base, until all slots are filled up (but no later than May 15th). Please makes sure to submit your abstract soon, if you plan on attending and contributing to the workshop.

Areas of Interest include (but are not limited to) the following focused topics:

  • Citation dynamics of papers and patents
  • Adoption and success of products and technologies
  • Dynamics in social media, such as the popularity of hashtags and viral videos
  • Career success and longevity in different professions
  • Patterns behind successful careers in different disciplines
  • Prediction of future achievement and career trajectory
  • How institutions (e.g., universities) shape scientific production
  • Collaborations and team formation in success
  • Extinction, evolution and emergence of knowledge
  • Analytics of success of sports clubs and players
  • Big Data sources for measuring performance and success
  • Algorithms for performance ranking
  • Patterns of success in visual arts, music and writing
  • Performance sensing and analysis
  • Data mining for the analysis of performance and success