Aaron Clauset

University of Colorado at Boulder
Santa Fe Institute

Tim Evans

Imperial College London

Paolo Ferragina

University of Pisa
Data-driven algorithms for performance evaluation of soccer players

Rossano Schifanella

University of Turin
Quantifying the effect of performance, success and social structures on user engagement

Filippo Simini

University of Bristol
Quantifying the role success and performance in human migrations

Kuansan Wang

Microsoft Research
Identifying salient nodes in scholarly communication network
Call for contributed talks


Junming Huang

Northeastern University
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Paolo Cintia

University of Pisa

Tao Jia

Southwest University
taojia82 at gmail.com

Luca Pappalardo

Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI)
National Research Council (CNR)
Pisa, Italy