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Invited speakers

César A. Hidalgo

The MIT Media Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Hao Ma

Microsoft Research

Osnat Mokryn

Information and Knowledge Management Dept., University of Haifa

Michael Szell

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dashun Wang

Northwestern University

Jevin West

University of Washington

Burcu Yucesoy

Center for Complex Network Research
Northeastern University
White River 104, JW Marriott Indianapolis, 10 S West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States
09:00-09:30Invited talkCésar A. Hidalgo
The MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Learning by doing, or learning by reading? Comparing knowledge diffusion in the network of scientific publications and citations
09:30-10:00Invited talkJevin West
University of Washington
Measuring patent influence using citation and litigation
10:00-10:30Tea break
10:30-11:00Invited talkOsnat Mokryn
Information and Knowledge Management Dept., University of Haifa
Reputation and local celebrities in social media
11:00-12:00Contributed talkLingfei Wu, Dashun Wang, James A. EvansSmall Teams Generate New Directions in Science and Technology; their Decline may Slow Advance
Lu Liu, Yang Wang, Roberta Sinatra, C. Lee Giles, Chaoming Song, Dashun WangHot Hand in Science: Quantifying the Dynamical Impact of Individual Scientists
Donghyeok Choi and Juyong ParkMeasuring Success from Historical Data: The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty
Matteo Chinazzi, Bruno Gonçalves, Qian Zhang, Alessandro VespignaniMapping the Knowledge
14:00-14:30Invited talkBurcu Yucesoy
Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University
Success in Books: A Big Data Approach to Bestsellers and Beyond
14:30-15:00Invited talkHao Ma
Microsoft Research
A Century of Science: A Case Study of Microsoft Academic Services
15:00-15:30Contributed talkSeungkyu Shin and Juyong ParkCharacterizing the Chart Performance Dynamics of Cultural Products
Cristian Candia-Castro Vallejos, Cristian Jara-Figueroa, Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, César A. HidalgoThe laws of forgetting: How time, popularity, and death shape human collective memory
15:30-16:00Tea break
16:00-16:30Contributed talkChing Jin, Chaoming Song, Johannes Bjelland, Geoffrey Canright, Albert-László Barabási, Dashun WangAnomalous early growth pattern predicts ultimate impact
Elena Salvatori, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Fosca Giannotti, Dino PedreschiQuantifying preconditions of school success for adults
16:30-17:00Invited talkMichael Szell
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
The success of teams and interdisciplinary research
17:00-17:45Invited talkDashun Wang
Northwestern University
The Nature of Failure: near misses, repeated failures, and their devastating consequences
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Paolo Cintia

University of Pisa

Junming Huang

Northeastern University

Tao Jia

Southwest University
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Yasamin Khorramzadeh

Northeastern University

Luca Pappalardo

University of Pisa
National Research Council