Confirmed Speakers

Zengru Di

Beijing Normal University

Daniel B. Larremore

Santa Fe Institute

Luca Pappalardo

University of Pisa

Juyong Park


Alexander M. Petersen

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

Huawei Shen

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tao Zhou

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Dongkang B, Avenue 3F, K-Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea
Please access Avenue with an air walk from the 2nd floor of Convention Center.
8:50-9:00WelcomeRoberta Sinatra
Tao Jia
9:00-9:35Invited talkJuyong ParkPopularity and Diversity in culture: From the history of classical music and painting
9:35-10:10Invited talkHuawei ShenCollective credit allocation in science
10:10-10:40Tea break
10:40-11:15Invited talkDaniel B. LarremoreGender, prestige, and productivity in faculty hiring networks.
11:15-12:15Contributed talkSamuel Fraiberger
Christoph Riedl
Roberta Sinatra
Albert-László Barabási
Reputation and Success in Art
Rafael Treibich
Karol Flores-Szwagrzak
Coauthorship and the Measurement of Individual Scientific Productivity
Lorenzo Gabrielli
Davide Guido
Fosca Giannotti
Luca Bastiani
Predicting re-election from policy makers' expenditure data
Yi Bu
Ying Ding
Jian Xu
Understanding Success through the Milestone of Scientific Career
14:00-14:35Invited talkLuca PappalardoIs sports performance success predictable?
14:35-15:35Contributed talkYing Fan
Jianlin Zhou
An Zeng
Two adjusted PageRank algorithms
Xiao Fan Liu
Yu-Liang Liu
Xin-Hang Lu
Qi-Xuan Wang
Tong-Xing Wang
Anatomy of the global football player transfer network: Club functionalities versus network properties
Michaël Waumans
Hugues Bersini
Genealogical trees of scientific papers
Yan Zhang
Antonios Garas
Frank Schweitzer
Measuring success of corporations in a globalized economy
15:35-16:05Tea break
16:05-16:40Invited talkAlexander M. PetersenSuccess factors in science: quantifying the reputation, super-tie, and press effects
16:40-17:15Invited talkZengru DiInterrelations among scientific fields and their relative influences revealed by an input–output analysis
Areas of Interest

Dynamics of impact

Dynamics in social media, such as popularity of hashtags and viral videos

Role of networks in success

Prediction of future knowledge and impact

Citation dynamics of papers and patents

Temporal evolution of rankings in a system

Patterns behind normal and successful scientific career

Adoption and success of products and technologies

Career success and longevity in different professions

Quantifying Success is co-located with NetSci 2016 and will take place at Dongkang B, Avenue 3F, K-Hotel Seoul in Seoul, Korea. Please visit the NetSci 2016 website for more information about the K-Hotel and how to reach the hotel. Please access Avenue with an air walk from the 2nd floor of Convention Center. Let us suggest you to book accommodation as soon as possible. The NetSci 2016 organizers have secured special agreements with some hotels located in Seoul. Most of these hotels can be cancelled before April 30th without penalty fee. Therefore it is safe to book now and review your booking soon (please check the cancellation policy of the hotel you have chosen).
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Tao Jia

Southwest University
taojia82 at

Roberta Sinatra

Central European University

Junming Huang

Northeastern University
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China